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With the release of the new website, we’ve been thinking about how far we’ve come. Goblin Dreams started very much as a hobby, 11 years ago.
I had done various bit and pieces before, but decided I wanted my own brand with her own creations.
The ‘proper job’ got in the way (doesn’t it always), but creations were made, and I decided she wanted to teach myself how to sculpt.
This started as very basic, learning from online tutorials and youtube.
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Here’s one of the very first sculpts.  A rock goblin.  Very basic, but started the long road to creating one of a kind items.
A figure like this would take hours to complete to start with.  Lots of getting one bit right, then squishing it when working on another part.
There were tears, swears and general frustration.
BUT… the great thing about polymer clay… you can just squish it up and start again.

Time went on, and in 2009 I headed off for a new life in Devon with Marc.  Lots to see do, new places to discover.  I continued making a few bits and bobs, but after a discussion with a friend, I decided in 2011, it was time to start the business proper.   I registered as a business, and started to think about what to produce.
Fairy doors was my go to, as I’d made them before.  I set about getting all the materials i needed to make some designs, take moulds and make casts.
here’s one of them 🙂
10399005 139524353652 5914596 nI loved doing these, and they sold well, alongside jewellery and other craft items.  But… I’d always wanted to be more than a ‘crafter’, to do something unique and special.

I wanted Goblin Dreams to be a brand that would make people smile.

I was still working a full time job, so continued ambling along, and making things that I liked.

We attended Wales Comic Con each year, and sold online, adding to the range all the time.  I’ll be honest there was no real direction, and it was a little all over the place, just wanting to make EVERYTHING.  I am still guilty of this trait now, but have learned to reign myself in and concenrate on one thing at a time (mostly!!)

My figures started getting better, jewellery and other ranges expanded.  The turning point for me, was teaching myself how to make dragons.  It’s was a steep learning curve, but once done, gave me so much confidence.  I have the fabulous Birdy Heywood to thank for that.  I long time Polymer Clay artist, I bought one of her DVDs and followed it … and it worked… yay for Birdy!!

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This is one of the early dragons I created.  Lovely but very different form the dragon’s of now.

I continued to learn and grow, and still do.

Lots and lots has happened since then, including quitting my job and going full time as Goblin Dreams, but that’s a story for another day.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a bit of background from the very beginnings ..

Bug loves,

Nici x

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