Whimsical & Playful Hare Sculpture


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Introducing our Captivating Hare Sculpture - a labor of love handcrafted to enchant and delight! Standing at a tender height of 2 inches (5cm), this petite hare exudes a cheeky sense of wonder. Crafted from polymer clay, each piece embodies uniqueness, adorned with a delicate sprinkling of mica powders and brushed with acrylic paint.

Yet, there's more to this charismatic creation than meets the eye! Beyond its aesthetic allure, this sculpture holds versatile potential. Elevate your cakes with a whimsical touch as it metamorphoses into an endearing cake topper. Just remember to place a food-safe base between the cake and the sculpture to ensure both visual splendor and practicality.

On the hunt for a distinctive ornament or a thoughtful gift? Your search finds its answer in our meticulously handcrafted Hare Sculpture. Infused with character, it's poised to infuse radiance into every space it graces.

Rest assured, each sculpture I bring to life is a standalone work of art. Here, you'll find no mass-produced replicas! The images before you accurately represent the treasure you'll soon possess - a true celebration of individuality.

A final note: cherish this delightful hare as the a collectible , deserving of a gentle touch. It's not a toy.

For an added touch of elegance, consider our gift wrapping option. Complete with a personalized card, it elevates your hare sculpture into an even more cherished and memorable present, ready to create lasting moments of joy.

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