Toadstool sculpture on wooden base


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A beautiful toadstool sculpted from cosclay to give a flexible finish.  Using cosclay allows for intricate detail that won't break.  A winning combination!
The toadstool sits on a wooden base, and is surrounded by faux moss, smaller toadstools an dsome faux berries.

Each toadstool is meticulously crafted from scratch, ensuring that every detail is infused with love and creativity.

Key Features:

Height: Approximately 3 inches (7.5 cm)
Material: High-quality polymer clay, wood, faux moss, beads
Handmade: Each toadstool is meticulously crafted from scratch, without the use of moulds, guaranteeing a unique and one-of-a-kind creation.
Inspired by Nature: Based on the iconic fly agaric mushroom, this toadstool character brings a piece of the forest into your home.
Enhance your decor with a pop of color and a sprinkle of fantasy. This polymer clay toadstool makes for a wonderful conversation starter, a charming addition to terrariums, fairy gardens, or simply a delightful ornament to bring joy to your living space.

Not a Toy: Please keep in mind that this sculpture is intended for display purposes and not suitable as a toy.

Embrace the magic of the forest with this meticulously crafted polymer clay toadstool. Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, this charming piece will bring a touch of nature's whimsy into your world.

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