Tiny Copper Hare Sculpture


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Check out our adorable Tiny Copper Hare Sculpture! Standing at a cute 2 inches (5 cm) tall, this little guy is all about spreading joy and curiosity. Handcrafted from polymer clay, each sculpture has its own special vibe, with a touch of copper mica powder that gives it a captivating gleam.

But wait, there's more to this cutie than meets the eye! Not only does it make a charming ornament, but it can also jazz up your cakes as a quirky cake topper. Just remember to pop a food-safe base under it for that extra dash of practicality.

Whether you're after a unique decoration or a thoughtful gift, our Tiny Copper Hare Sculpture has got you covered. It's full of personality and ready to sprinkle a little enchantment wherever it's placed.

And hey, these sculptures are far from cookie-cutter. Each one is a unique work of art, so no mass-produced stuff here. The pictures you're seeing are exactly what you'll get - a real celebration of individuality.

One last thing: treat this little hare like the treasure it is. It's more of an art piece than a toy, so gentle hands, please!

For a dash of extra flair, consider our gift wrapping option. Complete with a personalized card, it takes your Tiny Copper Hare Sculpture to the next level of awesome, making it an unforgettable present that's all about the smiles.

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