Smooth Hare Sculpture


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Introducing our elegantly streamlined Hare Sculpture
Gracefully standing at a height of 3 inches (7.5 cm), this smooth hare has playful aura of curiosity. Meticulously handcrafted from polymer clay, each creation is a one of a kind.

Elevate your cakes with a whimsical flourish as it effortlessly transforms into an endearing cake topper. Remember to place a food-safe base beneath the sculpture for both visual splendor and practicality.

Each sculpture I bring to life is a unique work of art, free from mass-produced replication. The images presented faithfully capture the treasure you are about to acquire - a genuine celebration of individuality.

A final reminder: cherish this delightful hare as a collectible, deserving of a tender touch. It stands as an art piece to be revered, not as a mere plaything.

To add an extra layer of joy, consider our gift wrapping option. Complete with a personalized card, it elevates your hare sculpture into an even more cherished and memorable present, poised to create enduring moments of delight.

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