Red and Black dragon


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Get ready to meet a playful black and red dragon that's got my personal touch all over it! I've handcrafted this little gem from start to finish, using polymer clay in a dynamic mix of black and glittering red fimo.

But wait, there's an extra sprinkle of awesomeness – this dragon has a hidden talent that's ready to shine. I've made sure it comes with a food-safe base, so you can proudly perch it atop your cakes and watch the magic unfold. Imagine the grins and exclamations of amazement from your buddies when they spot this adorable dragon holding court on your cake, turning your gathering into a realm of fantasy fun!

Whether you're into collecting unique treasures, hunting for the perfect gift, or just want to add a pop of personality to your space, my Polymer Clay Dragon is here to steal the show. Crafted lovingly by my own hands, each piece is a testament to the care and creativity I put into making it as special and individual as you are.

Let's break down the awesome features:
- Standing at a cute 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) tall
- Crafted entirely by me using top-notch Polymer Clay

Get ready to add a touch of enchantment – all thanks to a little bit of my artistic magic!

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Weight 120 g


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