New Labyrinth Figure Available Now!!

It's not often these come along... so Thank you McFarlane Toys for this beauty. RRP £29.99 Limited time Offer Price £24.99 Available now :...

Dance Magic Dance

As if you didn't know... Labyrinth is my all time favourite film ever ever ever!! I can remember as a child, thinking why would Sarah not just stay with the Goblin King and all those cute goblins??? It has become such an iconic film and I am happy to have found that...

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Why ‘Goblin Dreams’?

It's been asked a few times over the years. Answer:  because... Goblins!! I have been a long time fan of anything Goblin since watching Labyrinth at around aged 7 (and falling in love with the Goblin King). I love anything Brian Froud - such a talent.  If you don't...

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We’ve come a long way

With the release of the new website, we've been thinking about how far we've come. Goblin Dreams started very much as a hobby, 11 years ago. I had done various bit and pieces before, but decided I wanted my own brand with her own creations. The 'proper job' got in the...

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