Hare curled up asleep sculpture


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Presenting our Captivating Curled Up Hare Sculpture - a testament to the artistry of handmade craft, meticulously created for your delight! With a tender diameter of 2 inches (5cm), this petite marvel encapsulates the serenity of a slumbering hare nestled within its snug nest. Sculpted with devotion from polymer clay, each piece embodies uniqueness, adorned with a delicate sprinkle of mica powders and expertly brushed with acrylic paint.

But wait, there's more to this charismatic creation! Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this sculpture serves as a versatile treasure. Elevate your cakes with a touch of whimsy as it transforms into an adorable cake topper. Just remember to place a food-safe base between the cake and the sculpture to ensure both beauty and safety.

Searching for a distinctive ornament or a thoughtful gift? Look no further than this meticulously handcrafted Hare Sculpture. Infused character, and sure to brighten every space it graces.

Rest assured, every sculpture I craft is a standalone work of art. No mass-produced replicas here! The images you see faithfully depict the item you'll receive - a celebration of individuality.

One final note of care: treasure this delightful hare as the collectible gem it is, deserving of a gentle touch. Its loyalty will repay you with years of companionship and wonder.

For an added touch of elegance, explore our gift wrapping option, complete with a personalized card, to make your hare sculpture an even more memorable and cherished present.

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