Happy little red dragon with a real sea shell


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Get ready to fall in love with an adorable little red dragon that's absolutely beaming with joy as it holds onto a lovely sea shell. This awesome piece is all about creativity and charm, lovingly handcrafted using polymer clay.

But here's the cool part – this dragon is more than meets the eye! It's like a superstar with a hidden talent. It's got a food-safe base, so you can plop it onto your cakes and watch the magic happen. Just imagine the smiles and wows from your pals when they see this super cute dragon hanging out on your cake, giving your gathering a splash of fantasy!

Whether you're a collector, on the hunt for the perfect gift, or just want to add a pop of fun to your space, the Polymer Clay Dragon is where it's at. Each one is made by hand with loads of care, so you know you're getting something as unique as you are.

Cool Features:

- Size: It's about 2.5 inches (6 cm) tall
- Made from:
- Polymer Clay
- A real sea shell

Additional information

Weight 120 g


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