Handcrafted Red Dragon Sculpture – Sewing Edition


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Hand-shaped from start to finish, this polymer clay masterpiece embodies the spirit of artistry in every detail.

What Sets It Apart:

True Artisan Craftsmanship: No molds, no shortcuts. Each dragon is born from raw creativity and expert hands, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

A Blaze of Elegance: With its vivid red hue, the dragon captivates attention effortlessly, adding a pop of color to any space it graces.

Sewn to Perfection: Perched atop a miniature thread spool, the dragon embraces a sewing theme. Its miniature scissors and needle finish it off, weaving a tale of creativity.

Perfectly Petite: Standing at just 7.5cm (3 inches), it's a small treasure that holds immense character, fitting seamlessly into various settings.

Beyond Decoration: While it's a splendid décor item, it can also adorn cakes as a unique topper. Remember, for cake use, a food-safe base like foil is recommended.

Not a Toy: Please keep in mind that this sculpture is intended for display purposes and not suitable as a toy.

Invite this Handcrafted Red Dragon Sculpture into your world - a testimony to handmade artistry that adds a touch of magic to your surroundings.

Bring home a piece of our creativity and let your space come alive with the spirit of creativity.

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Weight 150 g


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