Copper & Green Dragon Figurine


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Introducing the Copper and Green Dragon, adorned with striking Blue Glass Eyes, infused with an enchanting touch. Crafted meticulously from Polymer Clay, this dragon stands at a mere 2 inches (5cm) in height, embodying the essence of magic. No molds were used in its creation.

With a copper and green color scheme, this dragon radiates a mystical charm, enhanced by its captivating blue glass eyes that hold secrets within.

Measuring just 2 inches (5cm) tall, this dragon adds an enchanting touch to any setting. The shimmering purple glass eyes amplify its allure, making it a captivating piece.

Beyond being an ornament, this dragon is versatile. Placed on a food-safe base like foil, it transforms into a charming cake topper, perfect for fantasy-themed celebrations.

Ethically sourced mica accents the dragon's form, creating a luminous copper and green finish that adds an ethereal feel to any environment.

Whether you collect mythical creatures, seek a unique gift, or want to add allure to your surroundings, this Polymer Clay Dragon is the perfect choice. Each piece is a testament to craftsmanship and individuality.

Bring home the Copper and Green Dragon with Blue Glass Eyes today for an imaginative touch.

Note: Due to its handmade nature, slight variations in color and details may occur, enhancing each piece's unique appeal.


- Height: 2 inches (5cm)
- Materials:
- Polymer Clay
- Blue Glass Eyes
- Ethically Sourced Mica

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Weight 150 g


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