Baby Blue Rain Dragon


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Say hello to our adorable handmade baby dragon! Standing at just 6cm (2.25") tall, this little cutie is created entirely from scratch using polymer clay. No moulds here, just pure creativity!

But what makes this dragon extra cute is the tiny rain cloud on its belly – a whimsical touch that'll make you smile. Seriously, it's super cute and perfect for anyone who loves all things charming and magical.

You can get creative with how you use it! Need a unique cake topper? This baby dragon has got you covered – just make sure to place it on something food-safe like foil, and you're good to go.

Just a heads up, though: even though it's irresistible, this baby dragon is not a toy. It's meant for dragon admirers of all ages, but let's keep it safe and sound on the display shelf, alright?

Add a sprinkle of enchantment to your life with our handmade baby dragon – a tiny treasure that's brimming with personality!

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