Black Friday…. Deal or no Deal??

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Retail | 0 comments

Ah… that’s time of the year when we sit and think… should we do a black Friday deal??
A few years back, we wouldn’t even have thought about it – it wasn’t a thing us ‘civilised Brits’ did.  Well…… apparently we do. This year seems worse than ever (or may just be me getting more grumpy).  Black Friday seems to start weeks before the actually day, with a deluge of underwhelming offers landing in my inbox.

I’ll admit, I’ve had a look.  Thinking maybe some of the items I want would be reduced.  No, they aren’t, just all the stuff I don’t want.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some good deals, but they could happen anytime – why be restricted to one day in the calendar.

Let’s have a reality check.. the majority of Black Friday Deals, are regular deals which would/could happen at periods throughout the year, or a clever clearance sale.
I’ll let you into a secret… my wholesalers have also been bombarding me with black Friday deals.  It’s basically a time of year they buy in cheap crap, or clear old items, passing onto the supplier at a reduced price, so they can specifically hold black Friday sales!!!WHAT????? I KNOW!! It’s ridiculous!!

Now let’s get serious and talk about small businesses.  They don’t have the same buying power as bigger companies, but the difference is, they care.  They know their customers better and buy in, or make items that they know a customer would like.
They aim to keep their prices competitive, and a price ‘they would pay’, often being under the recommended retail price.  Yes, sometimes, they will have a ‘sale’ and clear items (usually at no profit or at a loss), just to turn over stock and buy/make new products for you the customer, but Black Friday puts so much pressure to reduce items again and again.

I’m not saying don’t take part – if there’s something you were going to buy anyway, and it’s on offer, go for it!!
I think I’m just fed up of emails and advertising about it, the fact it seems to last all month, and that most of the deals are so obviously not a great deal.  Also, I really really feel strongly, that small (and big) businesses should not fell pressured to take part.  Over the pond now, there is a strong drive towards anti-black friday.  A few companies even close all their stores, giving the staff a paid day off (awesome!!).

So I think my message is:
– THINK before you rush into buying stuff just because it’s reduced – it may not be worth it, and in fact may not even be a deal at all (if it is – than yay!!).
– PLEASE pledge to buy at least one item from a small or local business regardless of offers.

We have existing offers available – which can be seen here, but won’t be doing a specific Black Friday deal.  Keep an eye out though, for give aways and regular offers throughout the year and of course our reasonable prices throughout the year 🙂

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